Posted December 2nd, 2022

Ready to start class, but maybe your wallet isn’t? That’s okay!

We offer plenty of payment plans to fit any budget. Plus, our plans are structured so that you graduate free of student loan debt!

But first: why do we care so much about debt-free education? Student loan debt is a crisis that burdens millions of new graduates across the country. Many graduates are left with massive debt long before they are even able to find a job in their field. Moreso, their monthly payments can be unforgiving to an entry-level salary.

We do things differently. Our unique model of sharing space with a local office and utilizing online learning allows us to keep our tuition cost low- so we do. We offer our program at a fraction of the cost of most community colleges or universities, and are transparent in our tuition costs. Plus, our plans are set up on a “pay as you go” schedule to make it easier for you to stay on top of your payments while you’re in class.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you’ve decided on your start date, you will need to reserve your spot in class with a deposit. Our classes are small and spots are first come, first served, so it’s important to secure your seat ahead of time.
  2. Next, you will pay off your remaining balance in weekly installments throughout the duration of the course. These weekly payments will depend on how large of a deposit you initially put down; the larger your deposit = the lower your weekly payments.
  3. Your payments will be auto drafted so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your payment each week. Your invoice will include a list of your upcoming payments, and will be scheduled so that you are fully paid off by the time you graduate- or sooner!

You can find our standard payment plans on our Tuition tab, but please know that you are not limited to these options. Our Admissions team is happy to customize a plan for you to ensure that you are comfortable with your payments. Just call in and let us know what a manageable weekly payment looks like for you, and we will find a start date and deposit amount to accommodate you. Then, you can submit your application and pat yourself on the back for being well on your way toward a debt-free career in the dental field!

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Lisa Leslie

Lead Copywriter
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Lead Copywriter
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Lisa Leslie, a professional copywriter based in New Hampshire, is the Content Manager and Lead Copywriter at Zollege, the parent company of a network of over 120 medical assistant and dental assistant schools ...

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